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Federal Registration is quite a complicated procedure. It starts with putting together a foolproof application dossier comprising a variety of documents, and involves extensive laboratory tests and formula verification... More often than not it is a nerve-shattering process, typically taking from 6 to 18 months; sometimes it ends in the denial of registration.

With our help, you will walk through all those formalities in three months. In exceptional situation, we may undertake to expedite the process.

We have a vast experience, and enjoy excellent working relations with the Russian official organizations in charge of the State registration.

Russian Federal Registration has no expiration term and stays valid for the life of the product.

Download: 2019 Webinar on Registration of Dietary Supplements

Read our detailed article for the US Department of Commerce

Contact us and let us know if we can be of help.

New: VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION OF DIETARY SUPLLEMENTS, making it possible to legitimize claims on the label. Ask us about  VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION!

Most application documents must be submitted in Russian, with translation done by an authorized translation service and legalized by the Russian Consulate (apostiled). Russian Standard shall gladly help you with these issues as well.

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