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Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

New Customs Union Technical Regulations (TR CU 009/2011) on the conformity of cosmetic products came into force in July 2012, making most personal care products subject to TR CU certification provisions.

Several categories of cosmetic products were decreed to be subject to both TR CU Declaration of Conformity and CU State Registration. These groups are:

    • Sun lotions and creams
    • Skin whitening products
    • Permanent make-up
    • Intimate cosmetics
    • Work-related skin protection products
    • Children cosmetics
    • Products for chemical hair dying
    • Products for hair straightening
    • Products for chemical hair curling   
    • Products with nano materials
    • Epilation products
    • Skin peeling products
    • Fluorine-containing oral hygiene products
    • Teeth whitening products containing  or releasing oxygen peroxide  
Customs Union does not recognize “cosmeceutical products”. They are handled either as a cosmetic product or as a medicine.

By law, a foreign manufacturer may not guarantee the safety of his product; therefore, a TR CR Declaration of Conformity can be issued only to an importer who is a citizen of Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus. 


Cosmetic products may be subject to very rigorous testing, including tests for illegal substances (over a thousand ingredients have been banned  in the Customs Union).
A  TR CU Declaration of Conformity is issues for up to 5 years. Depending on their category,  products may be grouped within one Declaration.

.Let us know what kind of product you have, and we shall help you to find an optimal solution.

Typically, we carry out certification of personal care products in 3 - 4 weeks. The registration may take up to one month, which is about three times faster than with other certification companies. Click HERE or the tab above to go to the certification section. We shall be happy to help you.

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