Russia Certification and Regulatory Compliance

Certification of Foods and Food Products

Since Russia integrated in the Customs Union, certification of most foods is regulated by a new Technical Regulation 021/2011 "On Safety of Foods". Meats, dairy products and fish fall under a special Technical Regulation

Foods have to be approved for importation by the following documents:

  • Declaration of Conformity;
  • State Registration;
  • Veterinary Permit.

All foods are subject to certification via the Declaration of Conformity, except:

  • raw products of animal origin;
  • special foods;
  • vinegar.

State Registration is mandatory for:

  • specialized foods;
  • new foods.

Specialized foods category includes::

  • dietary foods;
  • foods for children, including water;
  • foods for sportsmen;
  • foods for pregnant and lactating women;
  • mineral water (natural, medicinal and dietary);
  • dietary (biologically active) supplements.

New foods category includes all products that are produced or imported in the Customs Union for the first time.

All raw unprocessed products of animal origin require a veterinary license. Note, that processed animal products do not fall under this requirement.

Several categories of foods have been singled out to comply with special Technical Regulations. These foods are:

  • Juices and juice products;
  • Vegetable oils and their derivatives (mayo, margarine, spreads etc);
  • Grains and their derivatives;
  • Flavors, food additives and additional technological ingredients;
  • Medicinal foods for adults and children; foods for sportsmen; foods for pregnant and lactating women

Earlier codes and laws remain in force until new Technical Regulations for these products:

  • meats and meat products; fish and fish products (GOST-R Declaration of Conformity)
  • milk and dairy products (GOST-R Declaration of Conformity).

Certification of foods for Russia and Customs Union is a complex and complicated procedure. We shall be glad to help you with your needs in the fastest and most economical way.

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