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Seminar/webinar on Customs Union practical implications
We are receiving a lot of questions about how exportation of particular products to Russia will be affected by new Regulations of the Customs Alliance. To comply with these requests, we are going to hold one or several seminars/webinars dedicated to these specific subjects. The tentative name: "Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakstan: exportation issues and solutions." We intend to invite 3 key experts from Russia to speak on

  • Customs Union strategy and foreign trade
  • Certification changes under various Technical Regulations
  • Customs procedures, pit falls and solutions

Please click here to let us know about your interest to attend, and send us you questions so we can answer them in the presentations.  I AM INTERESTED!

Measurement Instruments
Administartive regulations were adopted on June 5, 2013. They define procedures for administartive staff of ROSSTANDARD.

Supervision over compliance with Technical Regulations
was assigned to various Federal Authorities on May 17, 2013.

New procedure for registration of Declarations of GOST-R Conformity
came into force as of May 15, 2013.

Lists of Gas and Low Voltage Equipment
subject to mandatory certification were adopted by EAEC on April 24, 2013.

New procedure for registration of Declarations of GOST-R Conformity
will come into force as of May 15, 2013.

New form of Type Certificate
was approved on April 18, 2013 by EAEC. This regulation applies to equipment that falls under the Customs Union Technical Regulation "On Safety of Machinery and Equipment".

Amendments to Foods Technical Regulations
As of July 1, 2013, food products will be subject to Declaration under the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Low Voltage Equipment standards
were evaluated and assigned corresponding testing procedures on March 27, 2013.

List of packaging subject to mandatory certification
was announced on March 22, 2013. This list determines the packaging types that the Russian Customs would check for a separate conformity certificate.

Amendments in the list of goods subject to mandatory certification and declaration in the GOST-R system
were introduced as of March 15, 2013.

List of children goods subject to mandatory certification, state registration, declaration
was adopted on March 7, 2013.

Russian Customs Service and ROSSTANDARD
worked out Comments on the goods subject to mandatory certification.

"Country of Origin" Law
came into force on February 12, 2013. It establish out a procedure to determine the country of origin within the Customs Union.

Excluded from the list
Some goods were excluded from the Mandatory Certification List. The amended List will come into force on March 1, 2013.

Customs Codes
Some Russian Customs Codes (TN VED) were changed.

New Forms of Certificates
were approved to come into force as of January 26, 2013. new certificates

Standards replaced
As of January 2013, Russian national standards of quality management will be replaced by interstate standards GOST ISO-2011 and GOST ISO 9001-2011.

Packaging Regulations
established by Customs Union on July 1, 2012 are to be revamped, as decided at the EAEC meeting on December 24, 2012.

Provisional validity
Products that had not been subject to mandatory certification before the new Technical Regulations of the Customs Union came into force, can be legally cercilated until Noivember 15, 2013.

Federal State Supervision of Industrial Security
On 11/22/2012 the Russian Government adopted a regulation that industrial security in the country would be supervised by the State.

Public discussion of Customs Union regulations
officially opened on December 11, 2012. They will discuss changes in the regulations for the Light Industry and Dietary Supplemements.

New Technical Regulations
12.04.2012. The Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC or EurAsEC) adopted the order of introduction of new technical regulations in the Customs Union.

List of goods subject to madatory certification
was published on October 12, 2012 by the Russian Federal Customs Service. The list includes HS Codes. Yet there are a lot of gray areas left, so if your merchandise is not in the list, better double-check it with an expert before shipping it uncerrtified.

adopted new regulations for new biological and chemical substances potentially hazardous for a human being. transition to new technical regulations. They also started the enforcemnt of the new regulations for children products. September, 2012.

Sanitary Regulations
Procedures for sanitary control were modified to conform to the new Custoims Union Regulations. August 2012.


Russian Standard, Ltd has entered into a representative agreement with Sercons, a major Russian certification authority. This allows us to considerably expand the range of certification types in Russia. Now we can as well provide:

As the Sercos representative for North America, we are now a contact point to their American customers. Dealing with a US-based office offers a number of advantages:

All dietary supplements registered prior to July 1, 2010 have to be re-registered to conform to the the recent Customs Union regulations. The procedure is relatively easy compared to the first-time registration. It requires all earlier registration documents and an application. However, there are very few places authorized to do the re-registration, so in veiw of the impending deadline of January 1, 2012, the waiting line has been growing rapidly.

If you havу dietary supplements that are to be re-registered, you better hurry up, we shall do our best to get it done before 2012.

Also, according to the new regulations, all dietary supplements have as well to be GOST-R certified via the Declaration of COnformity.

President of Russian Standard Gregory Temkin spoke on certification in Russia at the "Exporting To Russia" Conference held in New York on October 6, 2011. The Conference was organized by American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and attended by about forty senior officers of US corporations already doing business in Russia or considering it. Presentations were delivered by several Russian companies, legal firm "Arent Fox" and the Director of New York U.S. Export Assistance Center of U.S. Department of Commerce Carmela R. Mammas.

Now cosmetic and skin care products, besides GOST-R certification, are as well subject to mandatory Federal Registration in Russia. The procedure is similar to the registration of dietary supplements. However, it is simpler, faster and costs much less.

The Russian government passed Bill #385-FZ OF December 30, 2010 introducing serious amendments into the Federal Law on Technical Regulation.

The governments of the three states have formed a unified Customs space. All new Declarations of Conformity will be equally valid in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan..

Russian Government has appended the list of products subject to mandatory certification for GOST-R conformity. The new list comes into force on May , 2011. For details and particular products inquiries, please contact us by email or phone.

I have just returned from Russia where I was meeting with my counterparts and associates at Russian Regulatory Departments. Russia is going through major regulatory reforms, one of them being the setting up of the Uniform Customs Territory for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It has already come into force for these three countries. Later this year several more ex-Soviet countries are to join this customs alliance.

The good part in it is that all registrations and certificates obtained by the new procedures will work in all those countries. The bad news is that there are more questions than answers with the parties involved. For example, cosmetics from now on fall under federal registration like BAS. At the same time, the old regulation mandating that cosmetic products must be certified for conformity to Russian standards is still active, as nobody in the government bothered to cancel it after issuing a new regulation. Thus, at this point cosmetic products fall under both procedures. Another major regulatory change is that the so called "sanitary epidemiological conclusions" have been abolished from July 1, 2010. Nevertheless, according to the reports from our colleagues, Russian Customs still require these sanitary certificates anyway. Now, do not hope that is all.

ON RTN (Rostechnadzor) PERMIT
Starting from January 28, 2010 the applications for RTN permit are accepted only with a proof of federal fees payment.The payment must be made in Russian Rubles only. As the client of Russian Standard, Ltd, you should not concern yourself with this: we take care of all fees and charges in RUssia for you.

The Russian Government issued a new Regulation #982 specifying which groups of products are subject to mandatory certification, and which must establish their conformity to Russian standards by a Declaration of Conformity verified by a Russian certification authority. This is a significant change in practical certification coming into force on February 15, 2010 superseding all previous regulations, so we encourage you to contact us for advice and clarification.

Another important change is that from now on only government facilities will be authorized to perform hygienic tests on medical and dietary products. Even scientific centers like Nutrition Institute which until now was the pillar of food testing is barred from this activity- at least for now. This will inevitably cause a bottle neck effect and dramatically affect the processing time of applications. Few people have a clear idea of how these new rules will translate into practice.

Rosstandard is working on opening an online store that would offer best Russian dietary supplements to the US consumers. We are convinced that the products that have become lasting bestsellers in the Russian market due to solid scientific substantiation and outstanding properties, can and should be a success in the USA.

SupplySide West, November 11-13, 2009. Las vegas, NV.
Rosstandard participated in this major nutraceutical event. New partnerships have been established.
Despite the global economic downturn, nearly 8,300 industry executives from global dietary supplement, food and beverage, and cosmeceutical companies featured 1,128 booths, breaking the SupplySide West 2008 record with a 7.2% increase in the number of exhibiting companies.

IADSA - CDSP Scientific Symposium , June 16 , 2009, Moscow.
This was the first major international event sponsored by the new Russian nutraceutical association and IADSA. Russian government officials and European and Russian nutritional scientists met in Moscow on June 16, 2009 and discussed the current situation, trends and strategies in the industry (agenda). Professor Tutelyan, Director of the Russian Institute of Nutrition, opened the Symposium. Over a hundred participants from many countries were greeted by Dr. Onischenko, Head of Sanitary Service of Russia and ROSPOTREBNADZOR. By unanimous opinion, the event was superbly organized by CDSP and was a great success.

EXPOWEST, March 14-16, 2008. Anaheim, CA.
Rosstandard attended this important nutraceutical event. It is becoming more evident that US companies are beginning to view Russia as a priority market. We have made preliminary arrangements with New Hope Media about the participation of NAFS in ExpoEast (Boston, October 2008).

Russian Nutraceutical Association has been established.
Its official name in English is Council of Dietary Supplement, Nutrient and Healthy Food Producers (CDSP). The founders are major players in the Russian nutraceutical market.

Dr. Ludmila Simkalova (Rospotrebnadzor) is the Chairperson of the Advisory Board.

Gregory Temkin (Russian Standard) has been elected to chair the International Affairs Committee.

Russian Nutraceutical Alliance is being formed.
President of Rosstandard chaired the organizational meeting of the forthcoming International Nutraceutical Alliance in Russia. It was organized with the support of IADSA and Russian Regulatory authorities. Major Russian producers of dietary supplements and Western companies attended the meeting which took place on December 6, 2007 in Moscow.
Read the press-release

"Dietary Supplements in Russia: Regulation, registration and certification. Mastering the approval processes".
Regulators from Russia and Gregory Temkin spoke at this sponsored conference organized by IADSA and ROSSTANDARD in Washington DC, USA, on 13 September 2007.

We are now offering certification of medical equipment as well!

Russian Standard, Ltd. has become a member or the Russian Chamber of Commerce in EU.

Gregory Temkin, President of Russian Standard, Ltd. made a presentation on the Russian market at the Nutracon Conference organized by IADSA on June 14-15, 2007 in London.
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January 23, 2004 Seminar Follow Up

Our presentation at the BISNIS, U.S. Commercial Service business briefing seminar, "Exporting Medical Equipment to Russia" on September 25, 2006

Our article in the US Trade Department BISNIS Bulletin

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