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                TERMS AND  PRICING


The cost of certification services depends on three key factors:

  • type of product
  • availability of other official certificates issued earlier
  • complexity of laboratory tests needed for this particular certification.

Once we receive your certification request with supporting documents we will give you a quote on the total cost of your order in 3-5 working days. Please note that there is no price list, as every product and certification regulations are different.

For an illustration, the costs for the registration of medical devices comprise:

- Consulting fee;
- Translation and authentication of translation;
- Filing fee;
- Tests and clinical studies charges;
- State Registration fee;
- Russian VAT 20% .

Once you have received from us accepted the estimated costs, you will be required to send to us all the necessary documentation, payment and samples if needed.


Depending on the type of certification, it may take from 1 week to 2 months.

Registration of nutraceuticals may take 3 + months.

Registration of medical devices may take longer, although we almost always succeed in getting it done within 5-8 months from the date of submitting the application documents.

Any certificates may be issued only after the accredited certification experts study the documents, perform necessary laboratory tests, and make a decision on the product's conformity to Russian standards.

Express Processing

In some cases it may be possible to expedite the process and run the certification in the express mode.

Amendments, changes and extensions

Amendments, changes and extension as a rule take less time than the initial processing of these products. However, the experts may determine that tests should be re-run, accordingly, it will reflect on time and costs.


Once you have chosen Russian Standard, Ltd as your consultant/agent, we sign a short term or long term Agreement describing our commitments, responsibilities and confidentiality.

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