Russia Certification and Regulatory Compliance


All documents submitted in the course of certification and/or registration are filed and archived by Russian Certification Authorities. Therefore, the regulations require that all documents are to be submitted in Russian, or with the Russian translation. Moreover, the translation must be authenticated by either a Russian notary, or a company specifically authorized to approve the translation of certification documents. Some documents, especially in the case of registering medical devices or nutraceuticals, must be "legalized" - which means that the Secretary of State where the exporter is registerd should apostille the document, thus certifying its validity.

"RUSSIAN STANDARD" works with professional technical translators duly authorized to perform translation and authorize existing transaltions. They are reliable, fast and knowledgeable in the subject matter.

Express translation may be arranged upon request.

Ask us about the current rates.

As regards the legalization of documents by Apostille, we know reliable companies who specialize in these procedures.

We are here to help your business in Russia!

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