Russia Certification and Regulatory Compliance

   Why us?

10 reasons why you should choose Russian Standard.

  1. We have been doing this since 2003.
  2. We are conveniently based in New York, available for communication in your time zone
  3. We have long-standing experience in working with Russia and Russian authorities
  4. We are a US corporation, operating under American laws
  5. We are members of trade associations in EU and Russia
  6. We handle all the financial settlements in Russia, sparing you the necessity of dealing with Russian financial institutions
  7. We closely follow regulatory developments in Russia
  8. We have verifiable successful record with small , medium and large American companies
  9. We do not charge for the initial estimations
  10. We guide you by hand through all regulatory and organizational dire straits of Russian bureaucracy

We are here to help your business in Russia!

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Why us?
Why Us
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